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Friday, 16 March 2018

Artificial Intelligence Allows NASA To Confirm The Existence of A Star System Similar To Ours

The US space agency has announced the discovery of a system with eight planets orbiting around a single star. A find that has been made possible with the help of artificial intelligence from Google.

Our good old solar system is no longer the largest system we know. With the help of an artificial intelligence provided by the Mountain View firm, NASA discovered an eighth rocky exoplanet orbiting around Kepler-90, a star similar to ours and 2,545 light-years away from Earth. "There is another star system similar to our solar system with the same number of planets orbiting a single star," the US space agency said in a statement .

Similar And Yet So Different

Andrew Vanderburg, an astronomer at the University of Texas at Austin, explains that "the Kepler-90 star system is a miniature version of our solar system, with small planets inside and big planets on the outside, but they are much narrower. "

Despite its similarities to our solar system, the chances of finding a life form within the Kepler-90 system are almost nil. The Kepler-90 star is 20% larger than the sun and 5% warmer. In addition, the eight planets that make up this system have an orbit closer to the star than ours in the Sun. For comparison, 7 of the 8 Kepler-90 planets would be between the Earth and the Sun. As for the newly discovered planet, called Kepler-90i, it is 30% larger than the Earth, it has an average temperature of 426 degrees Celsius and goes around its star in just 14.4 days.

IA As A Progress

Be that as it may, this discovery demonstrates just how promising artificial intelligence can be in the field of astronomy. To find this planet, NASA has benefited from a little help from an artificial intelligence of Google. The latter analyzed more than 15,000 "weak" signals captured by the Kepler space telescope for training, before getting to work on data from nearly 670 stars known to scientists to house several planets. You can also visit here to get further interesting information about NASA and Artificial Intelligence.

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