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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Five Unusual Innovations At CES 2018 That Could Revolutionize Your Everyday Life

The Machine That Bends Your Clothes

Doing laundry and ironing are chores for many people. But if there is one task we would do without, it is to fold his clothes. If, like us, you dream of being able to escape this difficult task, the solution is at CES this year.

Similar to a big printer, this machine bends your clothes in record time. His little name? FoldiMate . Just insert your t-shirts and other shirts into the top space of the gear. With sensors located in the belly of the machine, it is able to detect the type of garment to bend.

In the end, this device makes your clothes folded into a pile, ready to be slipped into your closet with the added bonus of scenting laundry. The machine will be on sale in late 2019. Nevertheless, delegate the chore of folding at a cost: 980 dollars, or about 820 euros.

The Phone At Your Fingertips

Small, you have probably already imitated the shape of a phone handset with your fingers. Soon it will be possible to make real calls this way. 

Thanks to a bracelet attached to your watch, this technology is connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. The vibrations generated by the bracelet pass through the bone conduction of the hand and transmit the sound to the end of your finger. The tool is equipped with a microphone so that the user can answer to his interlocutor.

If the object makes you skeptical, opinions are unanimous on the net: the sound is clear and fluid. The bracelet combines the appeal feature with those of a classic connected bracelet: pedometer, calorie counter, distance traveled, etc. 

Flexible Television That Sits On Its Own

Nowadays, television screens are becoming more and more cumbersome. Faced with this problem, nothing stops the high tech. The LG brand unveils at CES 2018 its roll-up screen. Thanks to the OLED technology, which makes it possible to create folding screens, the giant of the electronics has imagined a television which is stored, incognito, in a rectangular box .

With a width of 65 inches, the O LED UHD TV  is still a prototype but it is already mouthwatering many curious. A similar model of 12 inches had already been presented in 2016. Major feature of this novelty: the screen can take place partially for different uses of this new generation television.

Marketing is not planned until 2020. LG is betting on a commercialization in two years and we are optimistic since visibly, the technology is already functional.

Shoes That Alert Your Loved Ones In The Event of A Fall

E-vone  is a brand of trendy shoes, in the first sense of the word. Made in France in Maine and Loire, these sneakers are designed to allow seniors to stay independent despite the loss of balance that occurs with age.

Thanks to a GSM and GPS system, they launch an alert and geo-locate a person immobile following a fall. When the system, located at the user's feet, identifies an abnormal movement followed by a loss of verticality, it calls a number, previously defined by the wearer.

The Suitcase That Follows You

Are you still afraid of losing your suitcase at airports? The Chinese company Forward X has the solution: a suitcase that follows you everywhere, without you having to keep it.

A sensitive camera inside the bag detects who owns it thanks to a facial recognition system. In this way, the suitcase erected on roulette, automatically follows the person programmed as holder of the baggage. With a maximum speed of about 11 km / h, the suitcase CX-1 is his name, may emulate on your next vacation. 

No price has yet been announced for the CX-1 but its designers say it should be on sale next August. Like what, the expression " follow like a little dog " is not only for our four-legged companions.


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