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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Conan Exiles Will Run At 1440p On Xbox One And 1080p On PS4 Pro

Conan Exiles: 1440p On Xbox One X And 1080p On PS4 Pro - No HDR Support Planned

The technical details of the survival adventure "Conan Exiles" , which will be released in a few weeks, have been announced. The Xbox One X version will have some advantages over the PlayStation 4 Pro version.

In just a few weeks, Funcom executives will release the survival adventure "Conan Exiles" for the PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and PC. In a recent interview with WCCF tech, creative director Joel Bylos also answered some questions about the technical implementation of the console versions.

Among other things, he has revealed in which settings the Xbox One X version will run. Bylos said, "The Xbox One X runs at 1440p, scales to 4K, and the interface is 4K, so we did not have the time to dig into the nuances of hardware on Xbox One to get the most out of it safe route of a minor upgrade of resolution with customized settings selected. "

According to Bylos, they have focused on performance improvements in the current resolution, rather than aiming for higher image resolution. The PlayStation 4 Pro will have a resolution of 1080p with higher settings than the normal PlayStation 4 to offer. HDR support is currently not planned for any platform. Incidentally, this also applies to a possible Nintendo Switch implementation .

God of War: Mystery of Stone Mason Edition Revealed - Patch 1.17 released

he Stone Mason Edition of the action adventure "God of War" hides a secret that players have now uncovered. In addition, a new patch was provided.

Last week, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Santa Monica Studios had the action adventure " God of War " exclusively for the PlayStation 4 in the trade. Now the fans who bought the Stone Mason Edition have uncovered a secret. The Stone Mason Edition includes a fabric map of the game world that also has some Nordic runes that the Reddit users have now decoded.

"The brilliant Huldra smiths Brok and Sindri have traveled all over the Midgards to create this great card for the giantess," reads the translation. "A mysterious treasure was found at the end of their journey in the space between them." Unfortunately for the brothers, the place of the treasure was immediately forgotten. "Brok has traced his steps back and blamed Sindri for the loss of the treasure." Sindri has traced his own steps, but was sure that it was Brok's mistake, they could not find him, the treasure was never found, and none of the brothers ever spoke to the other. "

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