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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Tapping On This WhatsApp Message is Hanging The Application

As of late, a message has been doing rounds on WhatsApp that is causing the application to stick for a couple of moments. 

It contains a line saying, "On the off chance that you touch the dark point your WhatsApp will hang." This is trailed by a dark speck (and a few emoticons), which when tapped, does in fact hang the application quickly. 

The message is in effect generally sent. 

What's Happening? 

The nearness of an obscure, imperceptible uncommon character 

The message incorporates images that WhatsApp doesn't perceive, and are in this manner undetectable to clients. 

At the point when changed over to HTML, the message demonstrates the nearness of "‎&rlm:" which is a control character. It's utilized to determine that a bit of content is diversely adjusted than whatever is left of it. 

The message contains the control character directly after the dark spot which when touched overpowers WhatsApp. 


Nothing vindictive behind the message 

Clients who have had their WhatsApp crash since they took after the headings in the message to clear something up require not stress. 

While you won't have the capacity to look up or down for a brief span while the tasks of the application are blocked, the bug in itself appears to be safe. 

The message, just influencing Android gadgets, has been created to only vex you.

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