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Monday, 24 September 2018

Google Docs To Use Artificial Intelligence To Correct Grammar Mistakes

Spell checkers are very common today, but unfortunately, they are mostly correct for spelling. Grammar is more complex to understand.

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To enjoy the benefits of a grammar proofing tool, you must use advanced word processing software such as Microsoft Word. Today, good news for Google Docs users. If you needed a grammar proofing tool, know that the Mountain View company will fulfill your wishes.

Google Docs Will Soon Have A Grammar Check Tool

Google has recently announced that Google Docs will be entitled to its own tool of this kind. Finally, some say. It must be said that we expect to find this kind of basic functionality in any self-respecting word processor. But if we had to wait so long, it's because, according to Google, this grammar check tool will work through machine learning.

Powered By Artificial Intelligence

In other words, the tool will be able to analyze the context of what you are writing to make specific recommendations and corrections. The bad news is that the feature will not be accessible to everyone from the start. At first, only users with a paid subscription can use it, and it will require that their administrator has activated.

Google did not release a date for the global deployment of this tool, so we'll have to wait. In the meantime, if you really need to get your grammar checked when using Google Docs, be aware that there are third-party alternatives, such as the Chrome Grammarly extension, that are well worth it.

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